Software System Trey Smith Review

Recently the press calls the I phone App store as the next Gold Rush.

Trey Smith, an interent marketer looked to transform his love of video games towards creating software apps besides the fact that he’s not a game designer or fancy pants programmer.

However, Trey is a fantastic marketer …

So, Trey applied his internet marketing knowledge to look for a developer to create a really good iphone app.

Within a few weeks, Trey unveiled Kolo’s Journey to the community and is getting excellent ratings from the app store and will be profitable within a couple of weeks of releasing it.

Trey explains why 99% of app creators don’t make money and how to create a profiable web presence.

Trey’s goal to generate twelve different iphone apps over the next twelve months and he’s now showing you how he’s going to do it. All you have to do is go to -

Trey Smith Software